TORCH 2012 Summer Series Round 1

A very summery Sunday in March heralded the first round of the TORCH 2012 Summer Series.

They seemed to start the series early, but that was just because April was chocka full of dates, and a TORCH regional round.

We rocked up at 7am ish and the track was looking AWESOME, with loads more parking, excellent facility there now.

We chose our usual pitting space, and then realised that everyone now pits at the other end of the track.

So we were on our billy no mates all day.

Not really, a couple of likely characters going by the names of Phil Williams and Chris “2012 Audi S3” Baker joined us, so we didn’t miss being away from the crowds.

I (Simon!) was running 2wd with the brand spanking new Cougar SV2, and Mark was running in 4wd with his trusty Tamiya 511.

The Cougar SV2 was simply superb in early practice, it needed a bit more weight up front to help it over the jumps (and even then I couldn’t work out how to launch it off the doubles to get the front end down again, but no matter) but in the corners it was amazing.

Everyone commented on how solid it looked, and to drive it was excellent, you could put it where you wanted to, adjust the line in the corner with throttle, brakes or steering and it just reacted exactly how you expected it to.

Good job Schumacher, you’ve improved on what was already an amazing platform.

The months without racing were very telling though, I was down at the top of the C final.  And mark only just scraped the A final, even Michael Scotlington was in front of him.

So it was a fantastic day, the cars went very well, just our thumbs not quite getting them around fast enough.

Looking forward to the rest of the season – I do love the outdoor racing, the indoor stuff never quite does it for me.

Mark played with his new camera ALL DAY, so here’s a boat load of pictures.

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