Stock Clearance Sale: Tools, Sc10 4×4, Dboots

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Ballistic Whites, dBoots B Compound, Durango Releases, Secret Tshirt Project

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Ballistic Tyres

Bootiful dBoots

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We’ve got the new tyres on the block: dBoots in stock now.   These tyres come from the Durango / rcDisco group of companies, and have been in design and testing for around a year or so.

dBoots come in two flavours currently: TerraBytes, which are a Schumacher Mini-Pin type equivalent, and MultiBytes, which are a Schumacher Mini-Spike type equivalent.

Both flavours come in 3 widths, Rear (RA), 4wd Front (4A) and 2wd Front (2A).  I’m presuming the A is the compound?  Suggesting there might be other compounds to come in the future?

I tested some MultiBytes at TORCH last Sunday.

I was running 2wd Cougar, so I used the rear and 2wd fronts.  Both glued up nicely, and smelled jolly fresh when they came out of their hermetically sealed packets.

The track is freshly laid astro, so we’re not really sure what the ‘normal’ tyres are on it yet.  The only comparison I had agains was Ballistic Greens / Pinks.

I can safely say that on the wet early morning track they had similar grip to Ballistic Greens, perhaps not quite as much as Ballistic Pinks.

As the track went to damp / dry, it became obvious that the MultiBytes have massive amounts of grip, and grip roll became an issue.  That’s exactly the same as with Schumacher Yellow Mini Spikes on astro in the dry normally, so I started cutted studs off them, and changing the car setup to control the grip roll.

On my last run before the rain came down and stopped play, I got the car almost under control, and I was very impressed with the level of forward traction the MultiBytes offer.  They are quite a sophisticated design, with ‘bars’ and mini pins down the centre of the tread, and a sold rib towards the outside.

A VERY interesting tyre, and one I’m going to continue to work with.  This coming weekend I’ll be running them on my 4wd Durango DEX-410R, so we’ll see how they perform in that class.

Click here and buy some now, we’ve got stocks waiting for you.